Thursday, November 11, 2010

How to Establish a Successful Tutoring Business

A tutoring service is a small business, which is excellent for moms who want to earn money but can't leave their house, as they want to personally take care of their children. Tutoring is also ideal for people who love dealing with kids. This type of work does not require much training or start-up cost. In fact, you don't need to be a degree holder just to become a tutor. But of course, degree and teaching experience are advantages when looking for a client. Besides, these will also help you to improve your profile as a tutor and will make parents more confident with your teaching abilities.

As for the startup cost, you don't have to worry about it because all you need to purchase are paper, pencils, and some books. Another advantage of working as a tutor is that you're not required to work for more than five hours. While most jobs require around eight hours each day, tutoring allows you to work on your spare time or depending on the length of time needed by the student.

If you love dealing with youngsters or you're a mother who  wants to earn extra income on your spare time without leaving home and your children, you may consider starting a tutoring service. The following are the steps on how to establish a successful tutoring service.

Step 1: Create a profile.

When making a profile, it is very important to mention your credentials. Remember, previous tutoring experience is an advantage so don't forget to include it in your profile if you've already worked as a tutor before.

Step 2: Secure your materials.

Aside from purchasing some school supplies, you will also need to buy the latest syllabus and books, which are used in your student's class. (Don't worry about the cost, they are not too expensive as you may think.) Having the latest syllabus and books will ensure that what you're going to teach is the same with the current curriculum of your student's class.

Step 3: Decide on what subject you want to teach.

This process will no longer take time because we all know our own expertise. But then, let me remind you this: Never choose the subject that don't catch your interest. If you're not yet sure with your expertise, assess yourself by reviewing your grades on the subjects you took. From there, determine the subject where you excels most.

Step 4: Decide which specific age group you want to teach.

Students who need a tutor to improve their performance in class are almost those in elementary grades and high school. If you think you would be more comfortable teaching much younger ones, then look for elementary students who need a tutoring service.

Hope this article helped you. If you have additional information about tutoring service, let me know.

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Friday, June 25, 2010

To My Friend

My friend called me last night. She's crying and told me she's drunk because she felt so sad and depressed. I was so surprised! I thought, she's a happy-go-lucky type of person, but last night, I realized that most people, including me and my friend, became so weak whenever they encounter big problem. Actually, my friend is deeply sad not because of financial problem or any related troubles. She's so sad because her ex-boyfriend unintentionally hurt her so much. 

According to my friend, she was only first year then when he and her classmate became on (I mean, they became officially couple at that time.) They were so happy with their relationship. Then suddenly, the guy told her he will give her up because he wants to focus on his studies. My friend, though hurt and feel neglected, set him free, but she's still hoping the guy would contact her once he finished studying.

Since then, they never communicate with each other. They still do text and call their common friend, but they never contact each other. Years passed. Both of them are already working when they start communicating again. At that time, my friend already have a boyfriend, but the guy never mentioned or never tried to ask her about it. The guy or her ex never told her if he also had a new loved one, but whenever he calls to my friend, she can feel the same feeling both of them have before for each other. My friend thought the guy was still in love with her. She even get confused as to whether focus her attention to her ex and dumb her current boyfriend or just stay with her current loved one and be a friend to her ex. What's worse is that my friend never had the chance to decide about it.

One night, one of their common friends called my friend and told her that her ex was already died. My friend cried and cried for a few days. She even blamed her friends for informing her about her ex's death too late. When she knew about it, her ex was already burried. However, it's not his death that hurts my friends more, but it's the fact that he somewhat lied to her. A friend told her that during the guy's last breath, he is crying with his new girlfriend! My friend was really shocked of the news. Her ex never told her about it - that he already have a new one.

My friend knows that she don't have the right anymore to be hurt because they have already called it quits before. But she can't bear the fact that the guy managed to keep his status. My friend was even confused about him and her boyfriend when in fact, there's no reason to be confused at all.

I'm not mad with my friend's ex. Perhaps, he just don't want to hurt my friend again. I think, he also want want to tell my friend about his new relationship someday, but that someday never came. Now, he is dead and he can no longer tell the things he want to tell to my friend. At the same time, my friend can no longer talk with him. It's too late. All she can do is to pray for his soul. For you, my friend's ex..may you rest in peace. And for my friend, may you have peace in mind...and please enjoy your life with your current loved one. Don't waste your life, please. We're still here, your friends who never stopped loving you.

(You too, my dear readers, can share your own stories about your friends. Don't hesitate to express your love and care to your BFFs. Instead, be proud of your friends and show the world how you feel for them.)

Your Online BFF,

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I originally posted this entry on March 08, 2010 in my FanBox account. And since not everyone can access it and I want to share my friend's story to more people, I reposted it here. Below are the comments I got few days after I made this entry.

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be true to ourselves and truth shall prevails thats what friends are for...God bless you...
hello from t.e
Tin A
hi how are u
first Friendhip of anyone person then you decied you marrie or only friendship with him
call me or my email number call..02187797690
I think this is happen with u . am i right
je suis désolé,je ne parle que français
take care for youuuuuuuu
may be he will come back.
you are right...
hey this story rocks and trust me just keep up the spirit. tell your friend not to worry. we have her back.
fak him
imran - 3 months agoDelete Comment
you are fak him 
hi hiiiiiiiiiiiiii
how are u fine
it is ok 
oh sorry for the new hear i ready morning about your friend boy
Tin, has your friend also told her ex about her new boyfriend.The ex has done nothing wronged.
don't cry especially if he is ded. he will not be able to hurt anyone no more and now u go on in life. 
Hi,TIn.YOu must continue to SHARE whatever comest to your mind and heart.PEople can always benefit from this ,no matter what.KEep it up dear..Nice reading this piece of wisdom from you!Good night!...
hi dear how ru? may life's breat find refuge in your heart...destroyed in your love may my life depart' ;;;;;;;if u bleve me my tru love i bleev with u onasted love is life idd if u want to exapt sand me E mail my id/
tin my dear dont cryiang ok ok tin by so take care pls 
u must take care of urself
never give up
never lose hope
just have patience and ur dream will come true
i love u all
i will like to ve a nice white girl with character
im still in my journey looking for my soulmate..if i found my life complete.
regards to ur friend Tin..u are a good friend of her.god bless...
tin - 3 months agoDelete Comment
thanks form all your messages. I just hope my friend would appreciate this, but I think she won't. I know she's hurt.
helllo ,how are yu tak care for yor self.

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